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Green Lagoon Bar & Restaurant

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Our Restaurant

Green Lagoon Restaurant & Bar located on the ground floor of Antonio Garden, upholds its tradition of providing guests with authentic fare set within an upbeat and energetic atmosphere. Antonio serves brunch, lunch, dinner, and takeout daily. The restaurant  is open for breakfast and provide room service to guests of Antonio

Dining Experience

Green Lagoon will take you on a food adventure that offers an intimate dining experience, presenting guests with tantalizing Zanzibari twists on Southwestern cuisine.

Treat yourself to an assortment of breakfast delights and caffeinated creations, from delicious smoothies and freshly-made pastries to creamy caffè lattes and frothy cappuccinos


Green Lagoon, an entirely unique Antonio Garden Bar that is ideally situated for sipping a cocktail while enjoying the sunset or enjoying a light lunch or dinner, all while soaking in the sunshine. 

Have a shot while swinging on our jungle bar chairs or enjoy variety of creative cocktails by the pool side

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